Meet our extra horses and some of our favorites. They have all been sold.

There are still harnesses, a metal cart and a wagon left for sale (scroll to bottom).


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updated 3/4/17



Finn MacCool, aka Mac, was 1 of our first minis. He is 32" tall and was lead on the drill team in 2003 . In 2004 he was 3rd in line and then was retired from the team, since he is little and had a hard time keeping up the pace. He is now used to train new drivers and also pulls a wagon in parades with Tinkerbelle. His color is a cross between palomino and buckskin. His mane and legs get darker each summer, but not true black. He is registered AMHA and AMHR.

Congratulatioins to Heather in E. Troy, WI. She bought both Mac and Tink to drive single and as a pair.




Tinkerbelle or Tink came to us in 2002 and was lead on the drill team for 2 years. Then she joined Mac pulling the wagon in many parades and teaching beginners how to drive, if they were small enough. My mother drove her during a visit one year when she was 82 years old! My 9 year old niece drove Mac at the same time. Neither one had ever driven before. Both minis were so good. Now she is used for training new drivers on occasion and pulls the wagon with Mac in parades. They have been in the Chicago Xmas parade on Thanksgiving morning from 2002 - 2013, pulling the wagon full of presents behind the 8 horses representing Santa's reindeer. You can see them on youtube.

Her color is red roan and she has the greatest personality.

Congratulatioins to Heather in E. Troy, WI. She bought both Mac and Tink to drive single and as a pair.

"Chili Bean"


Chili Bean is 37" and came to us after being rescued from a terrible situation. He was rescued by the Schiller family who trained him to drive after they got him to trust again. They then donated him to the drill team in 2005. He has been to Midwest Horse Fair several times, in some parades, shows and trail drives. He's not a beginner's horse, but once a person has driven some, they can handle him. He moves right out and responds easily.

He has been driven on the drill team and in shows and is a wonderful driving horse. He is older now and still has some trust issues, so he will only go to the right home for him with someone he trusts and who we can trust to take good care of him. He loves to go out on trail or cross country drives and does well in pleasure classes and cones. He's been showing at the FVSA shows for 2 years and is doing well.

He does tie, trailer, clip and is UTD on all and is microchipped.

Congratulatioins to Charlotte in Wild Rose, WI. She bought Chili to give him his forever home and has her grandkids spend time with him grooming and taking him for walks.



Wonderful driving mini and he rides also. Has been here since he was 2 yrs old and drove on the drill team soon after he was trained at age 3. He really knows his stuff when it comes to driving, but needs a driver who has driven some before. He has been at Midwest Horse fair numerous times and in a number of other events.

He was leased by various drivers over the years, so they could be on the drill team. He also was ridden by smaller kids who knew something about riding and does lead line with small kids. Max wt for riding him is 60#.

He's been showing in the FVSA shows for the last 2 years. Last year and this year he took overall high point driving in Pleasure, Reinsmanship, Cones and Cross Country. And this year took overall Pony also! Congrtulations Morgan!

He trailers well, ties, bathes, clips, is UTD on everything and microchipped. His color is grey and white and he could be registered with the Pinto assoc.

Congratulations to Carol from Cato, WI for her purchase of Romeo! She will be driving him plenty on trail with Kim from Denmark, who has Zorro and 2 others who bought Buckles and Rascal. They have all been trail driving and are planning on some shows next year.





Twy is all black and was born here. When she was just about 2, a young girl who had been driving on the drill team bought her and trained her to drive. By 3 she was driving with the drill team and having a good time. She drove in several driving shows and on the trail. Now her girl is totally imersed in the world of ranch riding, graduated and moved away, so they decided to sell her, as she just doesn't fit into what she is doing any more.

Congratulations to Diane, a good friend of a friend of ours, who came and drove her in April and fell in love. She now has her at The Horse Quarters in East Troy, WI and is having fun with her, both driving and leadlining her grandkids.



Napoloeon was acquired in 2005 for Amber, who trained him to drive and led with him for 6 years on the drill team. He was then leased to beginner drivers who needed a quiet horse. He was also ridden by Linda's young grandsons in costume or leadline classes, but they preferred horse power to horses.

In fall 2015 we finally decided to let the Dowell family buy him, so that mom would have a safe horse to drive. Liz drove him on the drill team for a year before that and then got her own horse, but her mother wanted to drive with her, so Napoleon was the best choice. He now has a great home with them and we can visit him whenever.




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