They can be picked up or they may be shipped if paid for through Paypal and add S & H.

email order to dbllequest@gmail.com or call Linda at 815-546-7995

money for used items goes into team account and then used for donations, after expenses. Purchases over $50 get a free souvenir calendar.

updated 3/5/17

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2007 beautiful souvenir full color calendar with pictures from 2006 events and individual team pics. Full color pictures on every page, Jan 2007 through Feb 2008 and list of sponsors on the last page. Help support our team!


2006 beautiful souvenir full color calendar with pictures from 2005 events and individual team pics. Help support our team!

Easy entry carts - black with cushion seat and back rest, metal screen floor, heavy duty bicycle tires and springs under seat. No new ones left. Unfortunately, Frontier carts has gone out of business.

2 used ones left.

$350 - $375. Call for info.



Beautiful wood easy entry carts, the ones our driving team used for performances. Black cushion seats and back rests, wood shafts and floor boards, heavy duty bicycle wheels with inflatable tires and unique eliptical springs. No new ones available at this time, but we are now selling the team ones. They were stored in a dry environment year round and are in excellent condition, used only 3 - 6 times per year. Great for pleasure showing or even trail drives or parades.


1 extra set of 20" wheels $80

1 axle $15

1 pair wood shafts $30



Mini leather harness (black with brass hardware) fits minis from 30" to 38", over check is removable, includes breeching, rolled/padded leather crupper, padded back saddle with 'patent' trim, blinkers on bridle also have shiny 'patent', breast collar has tugs with 2-3 holes for size adjusting when hitching. Reins are black where they connect to the bit and brown to the driver's hands. Noseband and half cheek snaffle bit (3.75") included. Comes with storage bag.

1 new sets left $175

5 used sets $135 with pad and splice








Mini leather harness (red trim with chrome hardware).

Small fits minis from 30" to 36" - (sold out)

Large fits minis from 34" to 38" and small ponies to 40"

2 sets left, 1 is spotted

Over check is removable, includes breeching, rolled/padded leather crupper, padded back saddle with 'patent' and red piping trim, blinkers on bridle also have shiny 'patent' and browband is red. Breast collar has tugs with 2-3 holes for size adjusting when hitching. Reins are all black. Noseband and half cheek snaffle bit (3.75") are included. Comes with storage bag (colors vary).






Half cheek snaffle bit. 3.75" not stainless, but very durable.

Stainless steel half cheek snaffle bits size 3.75" - 4.5"

Black leather noseband. Keeps mouth closed during driving, so resistance is minimized.





Lightweight driving whip 5'. Perfect for mini driving in shows or practicing. 2 new ones left

Black whip socket available. Attaches to wood or metal cart and is a great place to set whip when not needed. Prevents whip from damage if laid on seat or floor of cart. 4 left





Harness pad set (gig pad + chest pad).

Small size for minis (gig = 14.5" x 3.5" chest = 25.5" x 2.5") ------2 new ones left - brown or black $20 each set Discounted if purchased with a harness.

Larger size for ponies or large minis measures (gig = 15.5" x 4.5" chest = 4" x 30") 1 used black left ($15)




Polar shield sheets size 40" - 48" various colors. With shoulder gussets, padded at the withers, leg straps for turnout. Double nylon buckle straps at chest. Very nice sheets!

1 larger left 48" purple

3 smaller left 40" pink, orange or dark green



Sleazy hoods, S M L in many colors. Comes with matching tail bag. Fastens around girth with wide elastic and velcro strap. Made of Lycra, for snug fit and easy to get on and off. After body clipping in early spring or to keep them clean after bathing. Measure from poll to behind withers, halfway between eyes and nostrils to poll and around girth. Usually a S fits 30" to 33" in height, M fits 33" to 35" and L fits 35" to 38".

Several left and can make more in any size and various fabric patterns.



Thick quilted blankets, perfect for keeping them warm after body clipping. Nylon both sides with velcro belly band and chest closure. Available Small, Medium, Large in royal blue, black or green.

Only 1 left - 1 black M



Beautiful mini beaded show halters. Several colors available. Comes in S, M, L, XL for 30"- 38" mini or small pony. More can be ordered in other colors and sizes.

Only 1 left.



Mini black biothane show halter. Easy to clean. Adjustable to several sizes. Comes with chain and lead. Fits 30" - 38". Comes in S, M, L, XL. Measure just below cheek on 1 side, over the poll to the other side.

Only 2 left., lightly used. $15 each


Pretty shiny leg wraps velcro onto the legs for parades or other festive occasions. Regular leg wraps can come unraveled, causing danger to mini while driving, if they become tangled in legs. These stay safely on the legs or if they do come off, they don't tangle or trip the mini in motion. Available in several colors.

Lightly used sets left in royal blue, black, silver or red. $10 per set of 4. Can also make green, orange or gold.


$20 set


$10 extra feathers

Feather headdresses screw into a shiny silver (pictured on right side of image), black or gold base, so you can change feather colors. The base has velcro for attaching to bridle or halter. See feathers in use above.

Colors available are royal blue, light blue, emerald green, light green, Xmas red, dark purple, lilac, yellow, orange, hot pink, light pink, brown, maroon, teal, white and black. Can be made to your color scheme.

Lightly used sets (headpiece with feathers) are now for sale - red/black, pink/black, blue/black or red/white/blue. $15 ea.




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